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Logger32 Version 4.0 upgrade from Version 3.50.421

Upgrades Logger32 3.50.421 or above to 4.0   This is the Logger32 Upgrade which upgrades the software ONLY for users of v3.50.421 and above to v4.0
Installation instructions are in Section 2.6 of the Version 4 Help file available here  

Full Install Version 4.0 - Now Available   New File

Logger32 Full Install Version 4.0   This is the full install package of Logger32 Version 4.0
Installation instructions are in Section 2.6 of the Version 4 Help file available here  

Upgrade Version 3.49 to 3.50.0

Upgrades Logger32 3.49.x to 3.50.0  This is the Logger32 Upgrade which updates the software ONLY for users of v3.49.x and above to upgrade to v3.50.0  
Make a full backup of Logger32 using the built-in capabilities of Logger32 (the two zip buttons at the left of the toolbar). Make an ADIF backup of each Logbook you use. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Part of this upgrade rebuilds the logbook to a new format. If errors are encountered, You will need the ADIF files to recover your logbook. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! You have downloaded the zip file, follow detailed steps to complete the upgrade. Step 1 will be to replace the Logger32 executable files, help files, and rebuild the Logbook databases. Step 2 is optional, and will replace your Country/Prefix databases with the latest release. Step 3 is optional, and will replace your IOTA databases with the latest release. The upgrade zip file contains three zip files., Country, and IOTA With every major release of Logger32 there are always a few unhappy users. The fall into two categories: a) There are the really clever ones who have their own way of doing things and don't need to follow instructions, and b) those who do not know how to unzip the content of a zip file into a directory - The instructions are clear, unzip the content of the zip file (not copy the zip file) into the Logger32 directory. I know you're smarter than the average bear, but just do as you're told. Before you start: 1) make a note of the name and full path of your Logbook. Look at the title bar of the Logbook Page window. 2) MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU HAVE KNOWN GOOD UP_TO_DATE ADIF BACKUPS OF ALL YOUR LOGBOOKS.
UPGRADE INSTRUCTIONS for 3.49.x to 3.50.0 ONLY:
Step 1:
  1. Stop Logger32
  2. Unzip the contents of the downloaded zip file into a covenient location. This will give you 3 Zip files
  3. Unzip the contents of to your Logger32 directory
  4. Start Logger32 v3.50
  5. Verify that Everything is working to your satisfaction and that you have actually installed version 3.50 Go to Step 2.
  6. This release requires new version 3.50 Language files which are available on the Support section of this website
When Logger32 completes loading, it will automatically start convert your Logbook to the new 3.50 format. On completion if the conversion, it will automatically recalculate the stats for the Logbook. If Logger32 encounters any errors while converting your Logbook, it will stop with an error message. Make a note of the full text of the error (including the title bar of the error message). Look down this page to the instructions on how to recover.
Step 2:
  1. If you do NOT want to use the new Country/Prefix databases because you maintain your own, jump to Step 3.
  2. Stop Logger32
  3. Unzip the Country file into the Logger32 directory.
  4. Run Logger32. It will detect a new database has been loaded and will prompt you to download/install the latest Club Log updates. Even if you have done it already, it will be allowed a second time.
  5. Type the word DATA into the Callsign field of the Logbook Entry Window. The database version number of 3.50 should be shown in the left pane of the upper status bar. Go to Step 3.
Step 3:
  1. If you do NOT want to use the new IOTA databases because you maintain your own, skip Step 3.
  2. Stop Logger32
  3. Unzip the IOTA file into the Logger32 directory
  4. Run Logger32
  5. If there is an IOTA field in the Logbook Entry window, and it has a ? to the right do this: Type the word DATA into the Callsign field of the Logbook Entry Window. Click the ? This opens the IOTA information window. The top row is for IOTA AF-000 (a dummy entry). Click on it. You can now see IOTA Database version 3.50 at the bottom right of the Window.
  6. Run Logger32 and verify that you have version 3.50.0 running
  7. Recalculate the statistics for all your logbooks
Additional Log Books:If you have more than one Logbook for other calls or your own call, you can now change to each log book in turn and the automatic conversion will be done. Any error in conversion, read the recovery instructions at the bottom of the page.
First, don't panic. The sky is not falling. This is easy, just follow these simple steps:
  1. Stop Logger32
  2. Before you started, you made a note of your Logbook name. Look in the directory where your logbook is, you will see FOUR files with that name they will have extensions of .ISD, .ISF, .ISL and .ISM. Delete these four files.
  3. Run Logger32. It will start with an empty logbook.
  4. Now to import the ADIF file you made before you started, do this: Click FILE | IMPORT LOGS | ADIF and select the backup ADIF file you want to use. You now see the Import ADIF Window. CHECK the REBUILDING LOGBOOK option and then the Start button.
  5. Any errors with the import are saved in the BAD.ADI file, and can be fixed later (it's in the help file how to do it).
  6. Go back to item 5 of step 1 and complete the upgrade.
If, after updating/installing Logger32, you can not open the help file, or when you click on a subject you receive the message "The page cannot be displayed. The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings."
You can correct this problem - Using Windows Explorer, go to the Logger32 directory and right click on the Logger32.chm file. Select properties and UNcheck the message at the bottom of that screen saying "this file was downloaded from another computer and may be blocked."